and yet he loves


"all things"

Joy: an interruption

that time he knocked me right out of melancholy (pretty sure that's how my relationship with him is going to be forever)

From one clay pot to another

"you are not as strong as you think you are" and God uses you still.

Ian, Dietrich, and Jesus: Easter, part II

a meditation for Resurrection Sunday

giving death the bird: Easter, part I.

A meditation for Holy Saturday

nursing and wonder women and wonder men

for the new grads- why we do what we do.

God-with-us: the good hospice referral

a story for the first week of Advent.

thoughts from an ordinary twenty-four-year-old

Many drops make a river. -Dari Proverb Journals of my middle-school self tell of the woman I wish to become- she is a single missionary or she is married to someone who matches The List.  She loves God with all... Continue Reading →

on death, and life.

I wept a lot that day. It started early, just after eight. He is always there early, usually before I come in bleary-eyed at 8:05. The first day I met him he was in his "spot"...

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