Hey! My name is Abby and I follow Jesus.  I started this blog under the title “lessons in grace” as if my life were very put together and I was just serenely clicking through the lessons in some curriculum. I have since found myself far more sinful and messy than I had ever dared imagine, but that He plumbed the depths of my brokenness before I had a name for it and has decided for all time to love me still.

As far as life in general goes, the goal is abiding in Jesus, and I’m still learning what that practically looks like. I love walks in summer evenings, quiet, and conversations that end in fits of laughter.  On writing- I love to observe and to feel, and then to get it all down in words.  Helps me feel the weight of things.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting.  If you’re a broken, weary sinner like me- welcome. There’s room at the table.