and yet he loves

before you pray.

Saturday night.  It's late.  I haven’t prepared the lesson for tomorrow’s class with the youth group.  It’s late.  I told God I would wake up early and prep the lesson with my bleary, 6:30 a.m. mind.  It’s 12:45 now.  I... Continue Reading →

Of love and law: how Camelot points me to the Gospel

Photo courtesy of this website. A dear friend of mine had two press tickets to the musical Camelot, and so these two college gals enjoyed a night of culture (don’t worry, it was followed up by a good dose of... Continue Reading →

the grace of being small.

Driving home to Arkansas at the end of Christmas break, the sky was dark, but not black yet, and the hills and mountains rose about me in shadowy splendor, above the earth. Lights sparkled in the distance as homes poured... Continue Reading →

Foolishness and a Story.

Some days, I look up to heaven and say, “You’re utterly ridiculous.” And it is not irreverence here. This is more of the knowing lover-smile the wife gives her adoring husband upon his coming home with a rather ostentatious bouquet... Continue Reading →

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